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Conference Room Design & Teleconferencing Systems

Communicate more effectively with the latest boardroom technology. PBXstore offers systems and components that can transform your meeting room into a fully interactive conference experience.

PBXstore delivers state of the art meeting and conferencing systems that will help you connect face to face with employees, clients, and vendors around the world. Through our channel partners we can ensure that your conference room design includes high quality audio and video systems so that you can clearly hear and see all attendees that are conferenced in remotely. Our easy to use collaborative meeting systems allows you to invite attendees with the click of a button.

Want your meeting to begin with just the simple press of a button? Automated systems can be included to any meeting room to provide easy to use controls on a tablet or touch screen. Simply select start meeting and your TV’s or projector will power on, shades will be drawn and audio visual systems including microphones and speakers will be activated. Next you can dial directly from your touch screen or tablet and your meeting is underway.

PBXstore seamlessly installs all systems so that they look professional and save you valuable time. Corporate, Educational, Government, and house of worship solutions also available.

Collaborate fluidly with remote employees and impress potential clients with systems from PBXstore. We offer elegant and effective solutions to your teleconferencing and meeting needs.

Manufacturers and Systems Supported:

Vidyo                           Clear One                    AMX by Harman

Control 4                     Blue Jeans                   Go To Meeting

Skype                           Huddle Cam

And Many More.

Don’t your current service on our list? Contact us today to find out more about additional supported systems and services.


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